"If you don't cut this part, she will be a harlot. She will run away and find men."

Abdulcadier Abdullahi
Somali father of two circumcised daughters

      The cutting away or mutilation of a young girl's clitoris is supposedly a widespread practice in parts of Islamic Africa. A warm patriot of that particular part of a woman's body, I can hardly read about this without shuddering.

      Take a good look at the girl in the above picture and tell me if you think she would be better off later in her life "circumcised." If you answer "yes," you are just another sicky like those found in the understandably screwed up countries of northern and eastern Africa. And if you come to the West and do this, they'll throw your ass in jail (hopefully) forever.

I received this e-mail letter in response to this page
You read it and make up your own mind!
In defense of female circumcision.

Can I say that a practice from a culture other than my own is wrong?
You bet I can!
Yet another exchange of e-mail

"Please help me to tell the world to...
"...leave the woman's body the way God created it. "
As a child I SAW A GIRL who was circumcised at...

"Blame those that are guilty of the action, but in this, Islam as a religion is a victim for having its name soiled by the practices of orhers."
"Engaged and about to be married to the most beautiful palestinian girl, and if I mentioned that I wanted to cut off her clit, she'd cut off part of me that I've grown extremely attached to."

"Ashamed, at these primitives forms of life..."
"I am a practicing muslim and taught to respect others and their views."
"But when I see this person taking pride defending a "WRONG" with absurd excuses, I..."