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This is a new blog offering on my domain.
I am not sure to what use I will put it, but I have some ideas…
If you happen to be around, go ahead and leave a comment! I will read it with much interest.
Until Laters,
Rich Geib


  • Felicity Purcell

    So, it was only a “mild” romance hu? The mention of that romance, and that it was at least, “refreshingly tender”…, made me wonder.., at first, I admit my oafishness by saying that at first, I only wondered if it was a straight or homosexual romance. Admittedly, it was none of my beezwax, but, none the less, I wondered. Anytime a person sees a sensitive, loquaciuos, insightrful man writing about hot tubs and yearning to be a hermit.., you just sort of wonder…. What a releif when you later mentioned that in college you blew off a writing competition to flirt with a pretty co-ed. I don’t think gay gents refer to other dudes as “pretty”, please say I am still on the right track here…,It seemed for me that with the word choice of “pretty” to describe said co-ed.., that you, with that dear, never overutilized, in my opinion, word, you cleared that one up for us.., or , well…, for me.As I read further on, though, and found out about how hard you have worked doing your professor stuff…, Golly Gee Willikers.., I felt such a sense of discomfort, of real pity, (I wish I could say it was as noble an emotion as empathy, or even sympathy).., alas, it was just that sort of pity one feels for a tiny little furry bit of road kill, lying on the curb. You don’t want to look, don’t want to think about it, but you have to care, or else you’ve lost touch with your inner child. But then, once in a while, out of the blue, BHAMO ! It hits you, and one of the dead critters is particularly and pathetically too dear to be dead, and you unfortunately really do feel uncomfortably sad at its demise. That is how I felt about you, as you described your work load. I am a teacher’s aid to a busy special education teacher, I know first hand the mountain of paperwork those in the teaching profession face. I wish I could just scoop you up, take you home, and ask my mom if I could keep you.

  • Rebecca GEIB

    Hey, you are probably of no relation, but, always interested to know. I’m 31, my great-great-grandfather, Andrew Geib. However, there were TWO Andrew’s that came over at the same time. Most of the Nonrelation are around Pennsylvania.