Summer 2016 Videos: Learing iMovie and Storyboarding

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What good is it to learn to do something without teaching it to others? As Dr. Samuel Johnson claimed, “He has learned to no purpose, that is not able to teach.” This has defined a large chunk of my life as an educator.

This sentiment has equally influenced me as a parent, if not more so. I know many high-powered, capable adults who are so busy in their lives they can’t (or won’t) take the time to teach their own children.

And it does take time. And patience. And can be frustrating. Even enormously so.

I have taught classes in digital video editing to adults, and that was easy in comparison to teaching my own kids. The same is true in sports and trying to teach my daughters to hit a topspin forehand or kick a soccer ball. It can take time. It requires patience. Progress is often slow. There are even tears.

But if not myself, then who? I will take the help of any teacher or coach who offers it, but in the end the parent is the first and foremost teacher of any child. The buck stops on my desk, so to speak. It is my job, always.

So I have spent time this summer vacation teaching Elizabeth and Julia to storyboard, shoot, and edit video.

Here are some of the results.