Sports and Alcohol

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USC crunches Idaho 38-10 in 2007 season opener

So last night my father and I walked around Balboa Island in my hometown of Newport Beach, California. The moon beamed down on us as we walked and talked in the darkness, and the air still had a touch of the heat that had baked Southern California during the day. It was around 10:00 p.m. on a balmy late summer evening in late August 2007.
Part of the deal on there is that when walking on the sidewalk which circles the island one can hardly fail to see into the houses bordering the water. Everything is so tight together there that there is little privacy on Balboa Island. On this particular Saturday night of a three day Labor Day weekend I swear in every other house the inhabitants were watching the USC Trojans play football on TV while drinking some form of alcohol. USC banners hung liberally from balconies and rooftops, and I saw margaritas being mixed and wine and beer in seemingly every person’s hand while the glow of the TV sets and athletes reflected on their faces. I was not surprised to see this, but I was surprised to see it happening in almost every living room. Frankly, I was shocked and a bit horrified.
How much of contemporary America revolves around watching sports and drinking alcohol? How much time, energy, attention? How much money?
Is this the best we Americans can do with our precious leisure time?

How much time and energy? How much money?