Piedmont, CA in 1966 and 1967

Piedmont 1966: Ordination, Margie Graduation from Stanford, Honeymoon, Tennis and First Apartment

“These some 50 photographs taken mostly in Piedmont in 1966 and 1967. Once again, the quality of the pictures is not good, and the three pictures of Maggie on her honeymoon are over-exposed. There are also a number of mystery photographs that include Margie at what appears to be a graduation/reception; you have incorrectly called it a law school graduation. I believe they were taken at Margie’s Stanford graduation in June, 1966. Note that I am not in any of the pictures since I was still in Vietnam. But Mother, Dad, Philip, and Bill are all accounted for, as well as a number of Margie’s unidentified classmates.

“A number of the pictures show the immediate family visiting with Bill at St. Albert’s. They are not related (as you indicate) to his ordination. We would visit on Sunday afternoons and sit outside in the garden area. Phil is not in these pictures since he was in St. Louis at medical school.

“The numerous tennis pictures were taken in the fall of 1966 after my return from Vietnam. I am still looking somewhat skinny and gaunt. The picture of Maggie and me standing close and smiling happily is a classic; you were kind enough to frame it for me already. Maggie had sharpened her tennis skills considerably while I was in Vietnam. I, however, was sadly out of practice and was the weak link in a humiliating mixed doubles loss. Maggie had arranged the match on the false assumption that I could still play a decent game.

“At least half of the pictures in Set No. 1 show family gatherings either at St. James Dr. (Gibbons house) or at Woodland Way (Geib house). They were taken in 1966 and 1967. There are some touching pictures of the Austin Gibbons family: six of grandfather Myles with little Myles and one of grandma Catherine with little Myles. Also one with Austie, Linda, and Myles. How sad to think how it all turned out-with the divorce and the tragic death of young Myles.

“Two of the pictures show Maggie in a green dress sitting demurely on the sofa in the living room at St. James. One of these is a classic and is my favorite of all the pictures you forwarded. I was aware of this picture previously, but I was stunned and delighted as I sat at my computer last night and remembered how lovely she was…of heart and mind and body.

“Two other pictures I especially enjoyed: one relaxed picture and me with Mother at Woodland Way and another showing me sharing a drink with Phil.” — Richard John Geib