An Important Day in the Life…

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On March 1st, 2007, exactly one week before her projected birth date, Julia Emerson Geib acquired her first e-mail address.
A big moment in her life, obviously!
It took place at exactly Pacific Standard time. Five minutes later she received her first email. It was from her father.
Just you watch how the daughter eventually develops tech skills to put her father to shame…


T Minus Seven Days and Counting…


  • Doug

    Hey Rich!! I appreciated your article on LA inner city schools. I was just wondering if you ever got my email about a month ago about teaching out there. Please let me know!! My email is dbanwart85@hotmail.com. thanks!

  • Larry

    Congrats from one nut case to another. I hope mother and baby are doing well. Julia is five weeks older than Linus who was born on the 2nd and is slowly getting up to speed on this living and breathing business. He has his own blog, but I’m sorry to say it’s private. I really like giving him an e-mail address, I’m putting that on my list of things TO DO. I have one question, where do you get your energy, what’s your secret? Do you take drugs?