A Series of “4s”

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A new baby daughter on board!

Today my wife and I celebrate our fourth wedding anniversary; and several weeks ago, I celebrated my fortieth birthday. But with a baby girl on board such events, especially my birthday, seem to take on much less importance.
They say many women as they turn forty lament bitterly the supposed onslaught of middle age and loss of youth the events supposedly symbolizes. I barely had time to notice. How do I feel about turning 40? I don’t feel much. I don’t think this is a lack of self-awareness on my part but of so many other more important activities going on. It is just another day.
“How do I feel generally about myself at this stage of my life?” Well, that is different, entirely more important question, and it is one that did not have much to do with my birthday.
My father did, however, throw a catered birthday party for me down in his Laguna Beach house. This brought together a whole slew of my far-flung friends at the same place at the same time. Sadly, someone has either to die or get married to make that happen.
So I guess on balance I appreciate turning 40! They birthday itself is inconsequential; the seeing of good friends and staying connected is hugely consequential. I wish it could happen more often.
And so I look forward to a summer (mostly) free from work where I can spend many rich hours napping and playing with my new daughter. Let it begin!
Life is good but full of change.

Well wishes for the big “FOUR-OH”!

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  • lokutus prime

    Dear Mr Geib,
    I enjoyed reading your blog and I take this opportunity to extend my regards to you and yours and to wish you well.
    I have only ‘glimpsed’ your political views but it seemed to me that although you firmly state where you stand you have also endeavoured to show ‘the other side’, other political opinions/news, as it were.
    I commend you for that. No one is entirely neutral about anything and it is refreshing to see room given over to other points of view.
    I guess there is much more to you, and your ‘way of thinking’, than meets the eye’ (but is this not true about most,if not all, of us?).
    We all have something in common but we are all individual and it is this that makes us different, makes each one of us unique.
    Your blog is ‘wider’, more comprehensive than my own and I can see that you have had rather more visitors then me 🙂
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts in your weblog.
    ~lokutus prime (writer & poet)