October 9, 1996 to October 9, 2016: Twenty Years for rjgeib.com

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Happy 20th birthday to my personal webpage!

On October 9th of 1997 I started this online experiment. The date today is October 9th in 2016. Twenty years afters its inception my online presence still lives. And today I celebrate this fact.

Over twenty years my work on rjgeib.com has waxed and waned, to be certain. Depending on what has been going on in my life, I have been more devoted to this webpage or less so. But over twenty years it has been a consistent effort on my behalf.

Therein I have sought to make sense of the past towards living better in the now, with a faith in the future and hopes for happiness in it. I enjoy my personal webpage today as much as I did twenty years ago. In 1996 I started my online musings with an excitement born in the energy of the dawn of the Internet — I could write online for (almost) free and anyone with access to the World Wide Web could read it. Incredible!

Twenty years later that excitement is tempered, and even the concept of “personal webpage” has become semi-archaic in the age of “social media” and mobile technology. But the original impulse to communicate via the written word and to be read and understood by others rings as strong as it did in 1996. To say something of importance and to have others read it. Both personally and professionally, it is almost the touchstone of my entire being.

So here’s to another twenty years for my “online presence.”