La trezieme revient...c'est encore la premiere;
et c'est toujours la seule - ou c'est le seul moment;
car es-tu reine, o toi, la premiere ou derniere?
es-tu roi, toi le seul ou le dernier amant?

Gerard de Nerval

To See the World in a Single Night
in the Love of a Woman

We return home,
I shut the door behind us,
and for the first time this evening
we are finally alone,
with the night to ourselves
and this hunger.

Slender arms
slither around my neck
as your mouth glides up to mine,
your tired heavy eyes closing slowly,
eyes deep and dark with the sleep of desire,
this candescent bloom of a blush on your cheek
heralding that which will come to pass,
an electricity passing between us
although we barely touch;
finishing at a fevered pitch,
we start so slowly.

Let this then be my credo:
that in loving you so,
I never gave more of myself;
that in being strong enough to be soft,
I never was more potent as a man.
Let this then live forever:
the fire of my desire,
this kindness of my touch,
the honor it brings to us both.

"Let me look at you,"
I say pulling back the covers
as you attempt to cover your nakedness
and then slowly uncover yourself,
looking me square in the eyes;
the view giving me pleasure,
this giving you pleasure.
I kiss you and it starts again,
you and I moving as one.

Later on in the lazy
steam of a scalding hot shower,
I apply and smooth the soap over your body,
carefully massaging the shampoo into your scalp,
your skin pink and soft as I dry you down with a towel,
patiently brushing the stubborn knots out
of your long brown beautiful hair;
showering you with affection and attention
until you glow like a little girl
on her namesake day.

Lying here in perfect silence,
I realize man was made to make woman happy,
that in truth I have no greater gift -
can do no greater deed -
than that which I did tonight in your name.
Lying here in total darkness,
this cocoon of our bed,
the warmth under the covers,
you curled up asleep on my chest.

Lie Down and Close Your Eyes
"Do this now and again, and I should not be far away -- even if an entire continent separates us.