Perverse Political Genius

"...lies, lies, and damned lies."

"Today Germany is ours, and tomorrow the whole world!"
Adolf Hitler
"Mein Kampf"

Germany invades Poland!
The Second World War Begins!

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Hitler announces to the German people are they are now in a state of war with Poland. The speech is delivered from the Kroll Opera House at 10 AM Friday, September 1, 1939, before an extra-ordinary session of the Reichstag. Translated into English by a Foreign Ministry announcer & interrupted by announcements of emergency meetings of the British and French cabinets.

Adolf Hitler:
master-orator, psychopath, political genius,
prototypical dictator, mass murderer

"Either the world will be ruled according to the ideas of our modern democracy, or the world will be dominated according to the natural law of force; in the latter case the people of brute force will be victorious."
Adolf Hitler
"Mein Kampf"

...luckily it didn't turn out to be the "latter case!"

"The struggle between the two worlds [Fascism and Democracy] can permit no compromises. It's either Us or Them!"
Benito Mussolini
Address, from Palazzo Venezia balcony
October 27, 1930

"It would be an age of cruel wars in which new Caesars would rise and an élite of steely men, who did not look for personal gain and happiness but for the execution of duties towards the community, would replace democrats and humanitarians."
Oswald Spengler, presaging the rise of totalitarian dictators
in the 1920s in his book "The Decline of the West"
from Hajo Hosborn "A History of Modern Germany (1840-1945)"

"Totalitarianism of the Left bred totalitarianism of the Right; Communism and fascism were the hammer and the anvil on which liberalism was broken to pieces. The emergence of Stalin's autocracy changed the dynamic of corruption not in kind but in degree. For Stalin "was but old Lenin writ large." The change is degree nonetheless was important because of its sheer scale. The arrests, the prisons, the camps, the scope, the brutality and violence of the social engineering - nothing like it had ever been seen or even imagined before. So the counter-model became more monstrously ambitious; and the fear which energized its construction more intense. If Leninism begot the fascism of Mussolini, it was Stalinism which made possible the Nazi Leviathan."
Paul Johnson
"Modern Times"

"Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Führer!"
(One people, one empire, one leader!)

"Hitler's artistic approach was absolutely central to his success. Lenin's religious-type fanaticism would never have worked in Germany. The Germans were the best-educated nation in the world. To conquer their minds was very difficult. Their hearts, their sensibilities, were easier targets. Hitler's strength was that he shared with so many other Germans the devotion to national images new and old: misty forests breeding blond giants; smiling peasant villages under the shadow of ancestral castles; garden cities emerging from ghetto-like slums; riding Valkyries, burning Valhallas, new births and dawns in which shining, millennian structures would rise from the ashes of the past and stand for centuries. Hitler had in common with average German taste precisely those revered images which nearly a century of nationalist propaganda had implanted...

"In a rare moment of frankness, Lenin once said that only a country like Russia could have captured so easily a country as he took it. Germany was a different proposition. It could not be raped. It had to be seduced."

Paul Johnson
"Modern Times"

Some selections from "Mein Kampf" by Adolf Hitler:

"The German people have no idea of the extent to which they have to be gulled in order to be led."

"The size of the lie is a definite factor in causing it to be believed, for the vast masses of the nation are in the depths of their hearts more easily deceived than they are consciously and intentionally bad. The primitive simplicity of their minds renders them a more easy prey to a big lie than a small one, for they themselves often tell little lies but would be ashamed to tell a big one."

"All propaganda must be so popular and on such an intellectual level, that even the most stupid of those towards whom it is directed will understand it. Therefore, the intellectual level of the propaganda must be lower the larger the number of people who are to be influenced by it."

"Through clever and constant application of propaganda, people can be made to see paradise as hell, and also the other way around, to consider the most wretched sort of life as paradise."

From Benito Mussolini contributing to the "London Sunday Express,"
December 8, 1935:

"The masses have little time to think. And how incredible is the willingness of modern man to believe."

"Another weapon I discovered early was the power of the printed word to sway souls to me. The newspaper was soon my gun, my flag - a thing with a soul that could mirror my own."

Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini together in the heyday of 1930s fascism.

British writer D.H. Lawrence, in his "Letter from Germany," wrote in 1924 that it seemed like "Germanic life were slowly ebbing away from contact with Western Europe" and "returning again to the fascination of the destructive East that produced Attila." Lawrence is eerily prophetic a full 15 years before the outbreak of WWII.

" night you feel strange things stirring in the darkness... There is a sense of danger... a queer bristling feeling of uncanny danger... The hope in peace-and-production is broken. The old flow, the old adherence is ruptured. And a still older flow has set in. Back, back to the savage polarity of Tartary, and away from the civilized Christian Europe. This, it seems to me, has already happened. And it is a happening of far more profound import than any actual event. It is the father of the next phase of event."

D.H. Lawrence is certainly no dummy!

More Hitler quotes...

"A violently active, intrepid, brutal youth - that is what I am after... I will have no intellectual training. Knowledge is ruin for my young men."
Adolf Hitler
quoted by John Gunther
"The Nation"

"Democracy, the deceitful theory that the Jew would insinuate - namely, that theory that all men are created equal."
Adolf Hitler
"Mein Kampf"


Execution of Nazi War Criminals at Nuremberg.
"As the guards stopped him at the bottom of the steps for identification formality he uttered his piercing scream, 'Heil Hitler!'"


"If I can send the flower of the German nation into the hell of war without the smallest pity for the spilling of precious German blood, then surely I have the right to remove millions of an inferior race that breeds like vermin."
Adolf Hitler
quoted in Hermann Rauschning's
"The Voice of Destruction: Hitler Speaks"

from Paul Johnson's "The History of the Jews":

"The sexual-medical aspect of Hitler's anti-Semitism was probably the most important, especially among his own followers. It turned the merely prejudiced into fanatics, capable of any course of action, however irrational and cruel. Rather as the medieval anti-Semite saw the Jew as non-human, a devil or a sort or animal (hence the Judensau), the Nazi extremist absorbed Hitler's sub-scientific phraseologyand came to regard Jews as bacilli or a particularly dangerous kind of vermin. Apart from anything else, this approach enabled all Jews to be lumped together, irrespective of their circumstances or views. A Jew who held a professional chair, who wrote impeccable German, who had served throughout the war and won the Iron Cross, was just as dangerous a racial polluter as a Jewish-Bolshevik commissar. An assimilated Jew carried the bacillus just as certainly as an old rabbi in kafran and was more of a threat, since he was more likely to infect, or "desecrate" as Hitler put it, an Aryan woman.

"There had long been a pornographic side to anti-Semitism, especially in Germany and Austria; the Judensau theme itself was often a symptom of it. But Hitler's stress on the sexual, race-defilement issue combined with Weimar permissiveness to produce a peculiaryvicious form of anti-Semitic propaganda epitomized by the weekly Der Stürmer, run by the Nazi boss... Julius Streicher. It helped to spread and intensify one of the chief, perrenial sources of anti-Semitic violence: the notion that Jews are not part of humanity and therefore not entitled to the protection we instinctively accord a human being."

from "Modern Times" also by Paul Johnson:

"Once Lenin had abolished the idea of personal guilt, and had started to 'exterminate' (a word he frequently employed) whole classes, merely on account of occupation or parentage, there was no limit to which this deadly princple might be carried. Might not entire categories of people be classified as 'enemies' and condemned to imprisonment or slaughter merely on account of the colour of their skin, or their racial origins or, indeed, their nationality? There is no essential moral difference between class-warfare and race-warfare, between destroying a class and destroying a race. Thus the modern practise of genocide was born."

Sir Isaiah Berlin also put it poignantly:

"The divisions of mankind into two groups - men proper, and some other, lower, order of beings, inferior races, inferior cultures, subhuman creatures, nations or classes condemned by history - is something new in human history. It is a denial of common humanity - a premise upon which all previous humanism, religious and secular, had stood. This new attitude permits men to look on many millions of their fellow men as not quite human, to slaughter them without a qualm of conscience, without the need to try to save them or warn them. Such conduct is usually ascribed to barbarians or savages - men in a pre-rational frame of mind, characteristic of peoples in the infancy of civilisation. This explanation will no longer do. It is evidently possible to attain to a high degree of scientific knowledge and skill, and indeed, of general culture, and yet destroy others without pity, in the name of a nation, a class, or history itself. If this is childhood, it is the dotage of a second childhood in its most repulsive form. How have men reached such a pass?"


" All the disciples of Nietzsche agreed a Führer would be necessary and would emerge, like a Messiah. He was envisaged as the Knight from Dürer's famous print Night, Death and the Devil. Wilhelm Stapel in The Christian Statesman presented him as ruler, warrior and priest in one, endowed with charismatic qualities. The reality was rather different. Hitler was totally irreligious and had no interest in honour or ethics. He believed in biological determinism, just as Lenin believed in historical determinism. He thought race, not class, was the true revolutionary principle of the twentieth century, just as nationalism had been in the nineteenth."

Paul Johnson
"Modern Times"