"Poetry is the devil's wine."
Saint Augustine

"Marriage is not a good, but it is a good in comparison with fornication."
Saint Augustine

by William Blake

I went to the Garden of Love,
And saw what I never had seen:
A Chapel was built in the midst,
Where I used to play on the green.

And the gates of this Chapel were shut,
And "Thou shalt not" writ over the door;
So I turn'd to the Garden of Love,
That so many sweet flowers bore,

And I saw it was filled with graves,
And tomb-stones where flowers should be:
And Priests in black gowns, were walking their rounds,
And binding with briars, my joys & desires.


Some discussions....

"On that note however I must bring up the point that a large portion of your choice of poetry does not go in accordance with the laws of the Bible.
"The poems on "Breasts" and many others of sexual nature are in direct conflict with the commandments from the Bible. Out of respect for God and His Word, as well as out of respect for your mother, I would ask that you reconsider the posting of such material for all to read."