The Dionysian


the god of wine and revelry, of ascendling life, of joy in action,
of escetic emotion and inspiration, of instince and adventure and dauntless suffering, the god of song and music and dance and drama... fecundity... power... erotic instinct... passion... sensuality... war... perversity... desire.... potency... obsession... pleasure...

Roman Decadence

       "The lunch was a turning point. It made clear - to both of us - that my life was split, neatly in two: day and night; with him / without him. And that it was a mistake and possibly dangerous to mix the two. Day by day, week by week, the two segments of my life edged into an increasingly complete balance. The clearer, the more focused, the more 'fantastic' our evenings became, the more did my my working life slip into fantasy... The reality of my days was replaced by surface equanamity and a blandness to the core. My lunches bland, going past me unnoticed, mingling bland and friendly people - friends, clients colleagues, all the same. Every day a different movie, none burdened by plot, or only toying with a plot so languid as to reveal no connections, no power to engage me beyond its agreeable surface; always only hours away from reality, taking time-out from what counted, what really went on in my life; a breathing spell from the exhilarating and inexorable plot unfolding at night.

       The nights were palpable and fierce, razors, outlined so clearly as to be luminous. A different country, its currency and landscape plain: heat, fear, cold, pleasure, hunger, glut, pain, desire, overwhelming lust."

Elizabeth McNeil
9 1/2 Weeks

Naked Sensuality!!

       "...It transpires, it blazes. I cannot conceal it. I am a woman. A man has made me submit. Oh, the joy when a woman finds a man she can submit to, the joy of her femaleness expanding in strong arms... I want you to be there wherever you are. Lying next to you even if you are asleep. Henry, kiss my eyelashes, put your fingers on my eyelids. Bite my ear. Push back my hair. I have learned to unbutton you so swiftly. All, in my mouth, sucking. Your fingers. The hotness. The frenzy. Our cries of satisfaction. One for each impact of your body against mine. Each blow a string of joy. Driving in a spiral. The core touched. The womb sucks, back and forth, open, closed. Lips flickering, snakes tongues flickering. Ah, the rupture - a blood cell burst with joy. Dissolution... Henry told me, "At first I though you so fragile that if I were rough you would break; but now I see how strong you are and that you can take the most pleasure with me at my most intense!"... I hold my legs wide apart in love-making instead of, as before, closed..."

Anais Nin
Henry & June

Moment of Orgasm