The Richard John Geib Family
Tom, Richard, Katie, Dick, and Maggie.

Other Geib family photos...

Newborn baby Richard with proud parents in 1967. (52.7kb)

Then came my brother Tom in 1968 in photo with me and my father. (34.3kb)

Another photo of Tom and I in our cute pyjamas. (6.1kb)

Last but not least came Katie in 1971 and our family was complete and my parents had their hands full! (7.3kb)

The whole clan again with baby Katie in Forest Lake, Minnesota in the summer of 1971. Uncle Phil and Aunt Margie look on from behind. (25.0kb)

The Geib family poses for the camera after arriving in Newport Beach, California in 1976. (18.3kb)

Somone tells a joke and Katie laughs while we watch her sometime circa 1983. (17.8kb)

The Geib family next to the Christmas tree around 1985. (26.3kb)

The Geib family as more or less all adults gathered around the fireplace. (22.6kb)

The Geib family turning out just handsomely in 1987 as the kids start their adult lives. (11.7kb)

The last picture of the whole Geib family together in 1996 before our mother died. (31.7kb)

The remainder of the Geib family prepare to go the funeral of Maggie Geib (mother and wife, respectively). (27.4kb)

Posing during happier times at Katie's wedding in August of 1999. (46.3kb)