Mr. Geib back in his junior high days!

Mr. Geib in the Sixth Grade Class picture in middle school

entered Lincoln Junior High School in Newport Beach, California a scared and somewhat shy sixth-grader in the fall of of 1977 (above left photo in basketball uniform). I graduated three years later from the eighth-grade in June of 1980 a very different individual. I underwent enormous physical and emotional change during these years which I do not count among my most graceful. Still, I made friendships with people who remain among my best friends to this day. I also had a very special English teacher named Mrs. Mohs to whom I am greatly indebted. As a teacher now myself, I think a lot about Mrs. Mohs.

All in all, these years of my life I would not like to live over again.

See picture of Mr. Geib as a baby ! (34.7kb)
See picture of Mr. Geib's family during the junior high years. (31.5kb)

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